REDi Dance Company


REDi Dance Company is a community of story tellers that explore the power of listening, and contributing with the body. The company advocates for interpersonal understanding and use a wide range of performance methods to reflect human experiences. The company infuses Latin dance styles, House, and modern dance to communicate and inspire healing connections. REDi Dance Company supports the health and wellness of Bronx adults and youth through the Picante Dance Series and the Dance Bridge Workshop.

Dance Works

Land of Concrete

This full length ensemble production gives a unique opportunity to consider how we determine self worth. It brings movement to the idea of broken down machinery in a capitalist society. While honoring productivity and development, this piece reminds us that we are enough and  that we are valuable, even in our season of “nothingness.” The inspiration came from Alan Fadling’s An Unhurried Life.


The piece was inspired by the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. The piece is a conversation on survival and a call to uplift one another despite tragedy. “Vivid” expresses the many challenges and relationships that arise due to great loss. The work addresses vulnerability, distance, comfort and hope. This piece infuses body percussion,  house, and dance-theatre to illustrate a small community in need of revitalization through love and understanding.

Vivid Part III was rehearsed and shot in NYC in it's early stages under the direction of Beverly Lopez.