About the Workshop

The Dance Bridge Workshop introduces participants between the ages of 13 and 18 to theatre games, writing assignments and discussions topics that inspire new ways of creating and connecting through dance. We provided a safe space for teen artists to use dance making and artistic expression as a vehicle for effective for story telling. Participants are challenged to push past fear and think outside the box to broaden their horizons. Every season the program holds a free final sharing for the community.  Our aim is to establish a Bronx community of young people who are continuously CREATING and LEARNING the skills needed to speak their truth. 

Past and present master class instructors include: Ana "Rokafella", Jason Rodriguez "Slim Ninja", Candace Tabbs, Madelyn Sher, Roberto Parris, Raymond Falcon, Leah Tubbs, Dorren "Moglii" Smith, and Marcel March.

Beverly Lopez launched the workshop in 2015 as a final project at Battery Dance Company's Dancing-to-Connect Institute 2015. Through financial support from the Bronx Council on the Arts ( 2017 BRIO Grant awarded to Dance Bridge Workshop facilitator and director, Beverly Lopez), the program returned in spring 2018 with  the "I AM" Dance Bridge Workshop at the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance (BAAD!). In this 5-day workshop participants moved through and discussed self-love, important affirmations for everyday, and their own truths and goals. The summer season was just as rewarding with new and returning teen artists taking part.  The youth focused on the theme "Building Tomorrow" and created dances about two important goals, "Creating the Space to Build" and "Building With You." This workshop took place at Herbert H. Lehman College thanks to Amy Larimer, the director of the Dance Program at Lehman College. 

Since the return of the program in the spring of 2018, the program is presented bi-anually.  The 2019 winter workshop took place at Theatre Arts Production Company School and at Lehman College for the 2019 summer session. REDi Dance Co. continues to bring affordable training to youth in the Bronx. 

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For more information on how to get involved, volunteer, or sign up for the Dance Bridge Summer Workshop 2019, contact: dancebridgeworks@gmail.com  

BronxNetTV: OPEN

Beverly Lopez, founder and Artistic Director of REDi Dance Company joins Bob Lee for a preview of the Dance Bridge Spring Workshop at the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance.

OPEN Host Rhina Valentin sits down with Artistic Director Beverly Lopez of REDi Dance Company to discuss the Dance Bridge Workshop and the different activities used to help students create and connect through dance


Program Director

Beverly Lopez is the Founding Artistic Director of REDi Dance Company. Beverly earned a BFA in Multi-Media/Performing Arts at Herbert H. Lehman College. In December 2018 Beverly choreographed the production of Electricidad, by Luis Alfaro, at Lehman College under the direction Claudia Acosta. She worked as the Dance Education Associate at the AATT Academy at BAAD! and as Program Manager for Daniel Fetecua Productions at iD Studio.  She is the founder/lead facilitator of the Dance Bridge Workshop, a dance intensive lead by REDi Dance company biannually. This program primarily serves teen artists in the Bronx. Beverly currently works as a teaching artist at the Dream Yard Project and the Queens Museum. Beverly has a passion  for social justice and continues to build REDi Dance Company with an urgency to inspire healing connections through art. She continues to serve her community through the Picante Dance fitness series ( cardio-based latin dance workout classes) for adults and the Dance Bridge Workshop for youth.

REDi Dance Company

REDi Dance Company is a community of story tellers that explore the power of listening and contributing with the body. The company advocates for interpersonal understanding and uses a wide range of performance tactics to reflect human experiences. The contemporary dance company infuses Latin dance styles, House, and modern dance to communicate and inspire healing connections. REDi Dance Company supports the health and wellness of Bronx  through the Picante Dance Series and the Dance Bridge Workshop.