Move to Change Dance Concert

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See a new work by REDi Dance Co. in Move to Change dance concert on Saturday, September 29, 2018 3:30 & 6PM at Oberia D. Dempsey Theater, 127 W 127th Street, NY, NY 10027. 

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WAXworks at Triskelion Arts

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Join REDi Dance Co. on Sunday, December 2nd, 7:00pm, at Triskelion Arts in Greenpoint, BK.  

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What's Happening at iD Studio

Summer Dance Youth Ensemble 2018 Final Sharing: ANCIENT WINGS

Daniel Fetecua establishes the Summer Dance Youth Ensemble at iD Studio in the South Bronx. This summer Beverly Lopez served as the Director of Education at Daniel Fetecua Productions and managed the pilot program. Beverly also had the honor of sharing the stage with the youth of the program. The intensive ran from July 30th-August 10th.


Summer Dance Youth Ensemble 2018 

For two weeks five young artists had the opportunity to train and rehearse as a company with our amazing directors: Daniel Fetecua and Beverly Lopez.  Participants shared their movements, ideas and passions while training in Limon technique and Colombian traditional dance. Together the ensemble created Ancient Wings, inspired by the great Colombian writer Gabriel García Marquez ‘s tale “A very Old Man with Enormous Wings.”


Choreography by Daniel Fetecua

Music Director: Nilko Andreas

Dancers: Carla Cadenas, Jajone Storm Cuff, Christina Martin, Gianeé Martinez, Daniel Fetecua as the “Old man”, Beverly Lopez as “the Chamana”


Compositions in Guitar: Nilko Andreas, 

Guitar Eric: Kurimski, 

Drum Set: Lautaro Burgos 

Dance Bridge Summer Workshop Highlights


Dance Making

Dance Bridge introduces participants to theatre games, writing assignments, and discussion topics that inspire new ways of dancing and connecting. 

Day 1: Participants talked/danced about the idea of "Creating Space to Build" and how we can set the stage for growth. What are the barriers that stop us from reaching our maximum and what do they look like? What do they sound like? How can we mold a wall into a stairway?

Day 2: Participants created choreography about getting past our own barriers and meeting others where we are to heal and to "Build Together."

Teaching Artists

Students trained in Salsa On2, Hip Hop, and Afro-Modern. Special thanks to Master Class instructors: Candace Tabbs, Roberto Parris, and Raymond Falcon.

Final Sharing

Students performed original choreography at Lehman College after three days of dancing and building as a community. The community supporters and family members were thrilled to see the young artists dance about the things that matter most to them.


Contact dancebridgeworks@gmail.com for more information on the winter workshop. 

"I AM" Dance Bridge Workshop (Spring 2018)

5 days of Dance Education: Master Classes. Dance Making. Performance Opportunity.

“I AM”:  Dance Bridge Workshop

Lead by Beverly Lopez and REDi Dance Co.

Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance

During spring break teen artists bonded as a community, choreographed original dance works and took master classes with NYC professionals.

Request information about Dance Bridge:


See Highlights: Video

BronxNet Community Television

BronxNet TV: OPEN Interview

Beverly Lopez, founder and Artistic Director of REDi Dance Company joins Bob Lee for a preview of the Dance Bridge spring workshop at the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance.